Dr. Greg Bleck Of Catalent Pharma Solutions, Will Present At The 2nd International Cell Engineering Conference

Dr. Greg Bleck, the senior director of cell line engineering at Catalent Pharma Solutions, will present this week at the 2nd International Cell Engineering Conference to be held in Santa Barbara, C.A., December 2-4, 2008. The conference will include presentations by leading pharmaceutical companies, small biotech organizations, academics, and key technology supply firms covering the latest advancements in cell line development. Special emphasis will be placed on the reliability and reproducibility of the more promising cell engineering techniques. The conference is produced by the Williamsburg BioProcessing Foundation.

Dr. Bleck’s presentation is titled “Generation of Stable-High Expressing Mammalian Cell Lines in Four Months without Antibiotic Selection or Gene Amplification Using GPEx®.” Catalent’s proprietary GPEx® technique for cell line engineering allows high-expressing, genetically stable cells for any mammalian cell type to be produced without antibiotic selection or gene amplification. The lack of selection and amplification allows these master cell bank candidate cell lines to be made in four months, and permits research and development scientists to contemplate new paths for improved expression of their proteins. The candidate cell lines range in specific productivities from 30-95 picograms/cell/day for antibodies and have reached as high as 50-70 picograms/cell/day for some recombinant protein producing cell lines. Cell lines producing over 150 different antibodies and 40 different recombinant proteins have been developed with GPEx®. Data showing the consistency and speed of the technology, as well as the stability and productivity of the cell lines will be presented.

About Catalent
Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Catalent is one of the leading providers of advanced dose form and packaging technologies, and development, manufacturing and packaging services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer health companies in nearly 100 countries. Catalent applies its local market expertise and technical creativity to advance treatments, change markets and enhance patient outcomes. Catalent employs approximately 9,500 at more than 30 facilities worldwide and generates more than $1.8 billion of annual revenue. For more information, visit www.catalent.com.

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