Consistent Development Of Stable-High Expressing Mammalian Cell Lines In Four Months Using Gpex®

Dr. Greg Bleck, the senior director of cell line engineering at Catalent Pharma Solutions, will present later this month at the 12th Annual Pep Talk 2009 Protein Expression Conference to be held in San Diego, C.A., January 12-14, 2009. The conference offers a strong scientific program with more than 120 presentations and poster sessions reviewing the latest research and leading edge technologies in the field.

Dr. Bleck’s presentation is titled “Consistent Development of Stable-High Expressing Mammalian Cell Lines in Four Months Using GPEx®.” Catalent’s proprietary GPEx® method of cell line engineering generates high-expressing, genetically stable cells for all mammalian cell types. Antibiotic selection is not needed as part of the procedure; so multiple gene constructs can be added individually, at different gene ratios without any requirement for antibiotic resistance markers. This allows re-production of cellular pathways within these cell types as well as the ability to easily add protein processing enzymes to an already established cell line. Specific productivities of GPEx® antibody producing cell lines range from 30 -70 picograms/cell/day without upstream process development, while cell lines producing non-antibody proteins as expected have a much broader range of productivities, but if the protein has no secretion problems and does not inhibit cell growth, specific productivities similar to antibodies are obtained.

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