Gregory T. Bleck, PhD. To Co-Chair Cell Line Development And Engineering Conference

Gregory T. Bleck, PhD., Senior Director of Cell Line Engineering for Catalent Pharma Solutions, will be co-chairing the Cell Line Development and Engineering conference being held in San Francisco, California on February 25-26, 2010.

Gregory T. Bleck, PhD. To Co-Chair Cell Line Development And Engineering Conference

In addition to co-chairing the conference, Dr. Bleck will be presenting “Characteristics of an Effective Mammalian Cell Line Generation Process for Bio-Pharmaceutical Production.” His session will explore how steps in the generation of mammalian cell lines have been optimized to make the process more efficient. Dr. Bleck will also outline certain approaches to improve timelines and throughput. Additionally, data collected f r o m Catalent’s development of more than 200 cell lines, each producing a different antibody or recombinant protein, will be reviewed.

Dr. Bleck received his BS and Ph.D. f r o m the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and performed postdoctoral work at the University of Illinois-Urbana working in the areas of gene regulation and expression, and joined Catalent Pharma Solutions in 1998. At Catalent, he transferred his knowledge of gene expression and transgenic systems to the development and continued optimization of retrovector expression systems and is one of the developers of the GPEx® gene expression technology. Dr. Bleck has published over fifty-five research papers and authored three book chapters. He has seven issued patents and eight patents currently under review.

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